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Surfer Girls
Nicole, Barbara, and Cairn were dubbed the Surfer Girls when they were all best friends in high school. The years took them down separate paths, but they all eventually found their way back home to Delta City, Arkansas.

What might have been a night of fun for Cairn turned into lust pushed too far too fast, and a man ended up dead on her bedroom floor.

And no one except the Surfer Girls even knew of his demise.

After several nights filled with margaritas and strawberry daiquiris the Surfer Girls decided that since they got away with killing one low-life man, maybe they should just kill every man who had treated them badly.

They never dreamed that their joking plan would turn into a terrible reality far beyond their control.

Surfer Girls, three women getting even with the men who’ve done them wrong, with a little help from the supernatural.
A Panoptic Book
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Welcome To New Tipton
New Tipton is a small city with a big secret.

Something terrible happened there over 150 years ago, and the people of the city have paid a price ever since.

In return for keeping the city's secrets, the residents of New Tipton have enjoyed enormous prosperity.

Eventually the story behind the secret is discovered.

With the secret revealed, what will happen to the city and its people?
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Fortune Cookies
If you've ever seen a picture from days gone by of an old Chinese man, you know what Chang looks like.

But that is about the only thing you will ever know about him.

You'll never know about the secrets Chang carries in his head, or the ancient knowledge woven into the embroidery of the ageless silk robe he wears.

You might get to taste one of his fortune cookies.

If you do, you'd better hope you are deserving of only good fortune.
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